Viktor Calabro: Coople

November 12, 2018

Viktor Calabro has worked within the on-demand staffing industry for over five years. A well-known and well-respected entrepreneur, Viktor launched Staff Finder, the world’s first on-demand staffing marketplace in 2011 now called Coople, (which is backed by Goldman Sachs), and coined the term ‘just in time staff management’.

With offices in London and Zurich operating across multiple sectors including hospitality, retail, events and commercial services, Coople enables businesses to find temporary workers to immediately fill their hourly and daily staffing needs around the clock.

Growing fast, Coople currently brokers thousands of temporary jobs across 300,000+ employees with over 14,000 employers. Current clients include Deliveroo, Intercontinental Hotel Group and many more.

A shrewd, hands-on businessman, Viktor was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young (2014) and was nominated as a finalist in the Swiss Economic Awards (2015) where over 300 start-ups participated. For his thought leadership, in 2018, Viktor was awarded a place on Staffing Industry Analysts European Staffing 100.

With a keen interest in IT and all things technology, Viktor started his career as a programmer for management tools at UBS based in Zurich, before working as a Consultant for Trivadis, a Swiss IT company, where he focused on process optimisation. From here he realised his first entrepreneurial dream and launched ‘La Folie’, a Zurich based events promotions agency in 2003. In fact, it was whilst working at Trivadis, prior to launching ‘La Folie’, that he identified the challenge of recruiting good, quality staff at short notice, and discovered his inspiration to revolutionise the world of work for personnel on-demand staffing solutions, hence the launch of Staff Finder, and more recently Coople in the UK in 2016.

Hosted by Ollie Forsyth, founder of TBE Club  


Ben Tompkins: Draper Esprit

November 9, 2018

Ben Tompkins is a managing partner at Draper Esprit. 

Draper Esprit is one of the most active venture capital firms in Europe, developing and investing in disruptive, high growth technology companies. We believe the best entrepreneurs in Europe are capable of building the global businesses of the future.

We fuel their growth with long- term capital, access to international networks and decades of experience building businesses. We back ambitious teams including Revolut, Trustpilot, Graze, Ledger, Transferwise and Graphcore. In order to provide entrepreneurs with a more flexible approach to funding and to back them for longer, we re-invented the traditional venture capital by ourselves going public in 2016.


Boris Wertz: Version One VC

November 5, 2018

My latest guest on The TBE Podcast is Boris Wertz, founder of Version One Ventures.

Boris is founding partner of Version One and one of the top tech early-stage investors in North America. Born in Germany and based in Vancouver, Boris takes a wide-angle view to find great companies all across North America: from New York and Toronto to Seattle and LA. He is a board partner with Andreessen Horowitz and is well-respected for his uncanny ability to find the next generation of leaders.

Today, Boris is focused on crypto/blockchain, marketplaces and SaaS, looking for the best teams who solve big problems in a unique way. As an investor and former entrepreneur, Boris knows when to push and when to ease off, while always remembering that he is an advisor, not a player.

Before becoming an investor, Boris built an online marketplace for used and out-of-print books in 1999, selling the business to where he became COO and led a team of 60 people. After was sold to Amazon, he moved into investing, first as an angel and now with Version One.

Boris finished his PhD at the Graduate School of Management (WHU), Koblenz, majoring in Business Economics & Business Management. In 2005, he was named the Pacific Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year. Boris is passionate about science, technology, and entrepreneurship and sits on the boards of Science World and Canada Learning Code. He is also involved as a mentor with the Creative Destruction Lab in Toronto and Vancouver.


Sir Vince Cable: The Liberal Democrats

November 2, 2018

Sir John Vincent Cable is a British politician serving as Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Member of Parliament for Twickenham since 2017. He was the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills from 2010 to 2015.

Hosted by Ollie Forsyth 


James Cadbury: Love Cocoa

November 1, 2018

James Cadbury is the founder of Love Cocoa. 

The inspiration behind Love Cocoa comes from founder James Cadbury's, great-great-great grandfather John Cadbury, who setup Cadbury chocolate nearly 200 years ago. The philanthropist built Cadbury on great ethical grounds, looking after its workforce and improving civil rights. With the family no longer involved, the business was subject to a hostile takeover in 2010 being sold to a US company.

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Alok Alström:

October 31, 2018

My guest today is Alok Alström founder of AppJobs provides jobseekers with job offers from companies like Uber, Foodora, Dog Vacay, TaskRabbit and Postmates. Our goal is to give you reviews and descriptions of these instant-work-apps to help you make quick money doing what you love! You will be able decide on the jobs that you like the most and that are compatible with your needs and talents. Our platform is ideal for anyone interested in finding employment without having to deal with applications and CVs. As a user, you will get access to numerous opportunities in your city with a few clicks. We will provide you with information on requirements and how to get started for each and every job, as well as anything else you need to know before you begin turning time into cash on your own terms.

We are passionate about matching talent and demand to present flexible and great-paying job opportunities to our users in their cities. We all had rough times with no money or employment, so we know what it is like and we all hate it. We also hate old-school companies with hierarchical structures that decide when you work, where you work, how much you work for and even why you work! What do you say to the opportunity to sign up for work instead of applying for it and making great money? If you are in, so are we! 

To date, AppJobs have raised almost €3m. 


Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones: The Black Farmer

October 24, 2018

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones is a British businessman, farmer, and founder of "The Black Farmer" range of food products. He was an unsuccessful Conservative Party candidate for the Chippenham constituency for the 2010 general election.

The latest guest on The TBE Podcast is Wilfred Emmanuel Jones, founder of The Black Farmer, a gluten free food company, famous for their sausages.

There are no porkies in this story! This is what you will learn from the inspiring entrepreneur:

  • How The Black Farmer started and how they created immense success 
  • How his life changed - Wilfred was diagnosed with cancer four years ago, we talk about how to keep a strong mindset
  • Companies employing more innovative like-minded people
  • The importance of finding your guardian angel
  • Life is full of jeopardy!

Upcoming episodes include founders from, YO! Sushi, Depop, Mumsnet and a number of VC’s!


George Bevis: Tide Bank

October 20, 2018

George is an experienced entrepreneur and former banker. Tide is the solution he sought when running several small businesses, to the problem faced by every business owner: insufficient time for the work they love. As a banker, he worked as Product Director at Zopa, Business Strategy Director at Barclaycard, Head of Innovation at RBS and started his career at Capital One. 

To date, Tide have raised $26m in fudning. Subscribe to the series & enjoy. 


James Lohan: Mr & Mrs Smith

October 13, 2018

Mr & Mrs Smith began life in 2003 with two adventurous hotel lovers (our real-life Mr and Mrs: James and Tamara Lohan) and has evolved into a global travel club with a million like-minded members in more than 100 countries. 

Every club has a purpose. Ours is to knock your socks off, with help from the world’s best bedrooms. We don’t want this to be a one-night stand or a quick fling; we’re in it for the long-haul. 

Our carefully curated collection includes hotels in the sky (if you’ve never woken up in a treehouse, we can change that), hotels in caves, hotels above water, hotels underwater (well, partially), hotels a million miles away, hotels a short ride away, hotels where money is no object… All that, plus a host of idyllic villas and an ever-changing menu of tailor-made trips, too. 

It’s no accident that the collection is so special. Every hotel is visited by our team and anonymously reviewed by a diverse bunch of trusted tastemakers, including Lauren Laverne, Raymond Blanc, Olivia von Halle, Tom Dixon, Pandora Sykes, Tom Aikens, Stella McCartney and Dita Von Teese, to name a few. Entry to the collection is by invitation only; money can’t buy our love (unlike some of our competitors). 

We listen closely to our members, too. Even the best hotels have off nights – but if that coincides with your stay, we’ll work out what went wrong, so it doesn’t happen twice. If the problem really can’t be solved, we’ll regretfully part ways with the hotel in question. Our collection constantly evolves, based on members’ feedback (plus our own regular hotel check-ups). We’re not perfect but we’ll always strive to be.

In order to keep doing what we do best we’ve recruited more than 50 experts in London, Ibiza, New York, Los Angeles and Singapore. Smith24, our crack team of in-house travel specialists, knows the collection back to front, thanks to frequent visits. When they’re not busy bed-hopping, they work around the clock, offering 24/7 customer service and booking support, both on the phone and online.


Norris Koppel Founder of Monese

October 6, 2018

When Monese founder Norris Koppel first moved to the UK from Estonia, he faced a frustrating experience that is all too common.

With no UK credit history or utility bills proving his address, he was immediately denied a bank account. Without one, he found it near impossible to receive his salary or rent an apartment.

From his painful experience, Monese was born - a banking service that was inclusive, instant and on-demand.

Monese launched in September 2015 as the first 100% mobile current account in the UK.

Today, people from all over Europe can open a UK current account in minutes, free from the hidden fees and restrictions that legacy banks impose.

The story continues...